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Lemon Cake | 10MG THC Split Gummies | 5mg Per Serving | 50MG Per Package | CannaGourmet | 12 Pack

Lemon Cake | 10MG THC Split Gummies | 5mg Per Serving | 50MG Per Package | CannaGourmet | 12 Pack

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Embrace the zest of wellness with CannaGourmet's Fast-Acting 10mg Split Gummies, now in a delightful Lemon Cake flavor. Each thoughtfully crafted package offers a total of 50mg, divided into easy-to-manage 5mg servings. This perfect balance makes our gummies ideal for both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts looking to fine-tune their wellness regimen.

Innovative Split Design for Customizable Dosage: CannaGourmet's unique split-gummy concept empowers you with the flexibility to adjust your dosage as needed. Enjoy a full 10mg gummy for a more pronounced effect or a 5mg half for a subtler experience. This feature is perfect for tailoring your intake to your specific needs and occasions.

Exquisite Lemon Cake Flavor: Dive into the indulgent, tangy sweetness of Lemon Cake with every gummy. Formulated with natural flavorings, our gummies offer an authentic taste sensation, reminiscent of a freshly-baked lemon cake, setting a new standard in edible experiences.

Fast-Acting for Immediate Gratification: Our gummies are developed with a cutting-edge formula that ensures rapid absorption. This feature is particularly appealing for those seeking swift relief or a quick transition into relaxation, offering an effective alternative to traditional edibles.

Purity and Quality in Every Bite: At CannaGourmet, your health is our priority. Our Lemon Cake gummies are made with high-grade, natural ingredients, ensuring a product that is both potent and pure. Free from unnecessary additives and artificial preservatives, our gummies are a testament to our commitment to your well-being.

Sleek, Convenient Packaging: Designed for discretion and ease of use, our gummies are packaged in a sophisticated, portable container, perfect for use at home or on the go.

Assured Safety and Consistency: Every batch of our Lemon Cake flavored gummies undergoes rigorous lab testing. This guarantees consistent potency and purity, so you can enjoy your CannaGourmet experience with peace of mind.

Treat yourself to the delightful fusion of flavor and function with CannaGourmet's Fast-Acting 10mg Split Gummies in Lemon Cake flavor. A harmonious blend of gourmet taste, convenience, and efficacy awaits you.

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